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OMSA Leadership

Dr. Clark, Dean of OMSA, approved during the October, 2022 Board meeting. In this position, he will be responsible for long-range planning, fiscal operations, and the comprehensive needs of the school, amongst other things. Dr. Clark brings much value to OMSA as he has a proven record of positively impacting the community. He has served as a principal, accountability director, Associate Professor, and mathematics teacher. 

Dr. Lowry, Director of Curriculum & Operations, approved during the November, 2022 Board meeting. In this position, she will be responsible for shaping the educational model, increasing engagement, and school improvement, amongst other things. Dr. Lowry brings alongside her name a wealth of expertise including principalship, instructional coaching, gifted education, and language arts. 

At OMSA we are excited to be embracing this new leadership model. Dr. Lowry is thrilled to be the face of day-to-day leadership in our school, serving in the role that is akin to a “principal” role in traditional leadership models. Dr. Clark, who has recently been serving as the School Leader, will now be shifting roles in which he provides more supervisory and big-picture leadership and guidance, in a role akin to a “superintendent” in traditional leadership models. We are confident that the new structure will allow for smoother operations, capacity building, and the continued provision of excellent education to the students and families in the OMSA community. 

The OMSA Board of Directors is confident in the collaboration of this leadership team. We know they will do GREAT things.

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